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Shade Tree Manufacturing has produced HVAC sheet metal products since 1998. Our team specializes in Spiral, Rectangular, and Fiberglass duct systems, while providing additional services in plasma cutting and custom bending. It is our goal to get your products to you as quickly as possible. By providing our customers with the best products and services quickly, we have grown into a well-established leader in this industry.


Shade Tree Manufacturing has built a reputation on quality. Utilizing a policy of Continuous Improvement, we regularly monitor and improve all levels of production, whether it be in our methods, materials, or workmanship, in order to provide you the best product possible.


Shade Tree Manufacturing will work with you to produce products to your custom designs or specialties. While standard HVAC ductwork is our trade, we have the capability of producing many non-standard elements for your projects.


In a price-sensatitive market, Shade Tree Manufacturing is continuously monitoring the production methods and streamlining our efforts to produce products in the most cost-effectve ways possible, never compromising quality.


Having a relationship with our customer is more than taking an order, it is working together to expand each other's market share as well as anticipating any special needs or potential problems with a project.


In the construction market it is impartative to get materials on site on time. Shade Tree has a vast stock of materials such that orders can be filled and shipped to maintain jobsite timelines.


Our green policy is to email quotes, orders, invoices and statements. Shade Tree Manufacturing, LLC also recycles all scrap metal materials. All unused pallets and insulation scraps are available free to our customers for recycling or reusing.